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33300Adam MurrayPrincipal
33301Moira FordOffice Manager
33303Saxon ButteVice Principal
33302Terrie RendallOffice Manager

Grimshaw Public

(780) 332-2223Fax / VoIP Fallback(Outside Number)
(780) 332-4075Reception(Outside Number)
33500Paging SystemAll Paging Zones
33501Paging SystemPublic and Shared Space

Grimshaw Public - Room Phones

33305Learning Support
33113Meeting Room
33121Room P121
33122Room P122
33123Room P123
33124Room P124
33125Room P125
33132Room P132
33133Room P133
33134Room P134
33137Room P137
33138Room P138
33140Room P140
33144Room P144
33145Room P145
33146Room P146
33147Room P147
33149Room P149
33155Room P155
33156Room P156
33202Room PM2
33203Room PM3
33204Room PM4
33205Room PM5
33208Room PM8
33209Room PM9
33112Staff Room
33128VC Room
33107Work Room

Holy Family

(780) 332-4550Reception(Outside Number)
(780) 332-1378Fax / VoIP Fallback(Outside Number)
34500Paging SystemAll Paging Zones
34501Paging SystemCatholic and Shared Space

Holy Family - Room Phones

34106Meeting Room
34133Music Room
34301Reception 1
34302Reception 2
34121Room C121
34123Room C123
34124Room C124
34126Room C126
34128Room C128
34136Room C136
34137Room C137
34139Room C139
34140Room C140
34142Room C142
34148Room C148
34202Room CM2
34203Room CM3
34110Staff Room
34200Student Phone
34303Vice Principal
34111Work Room

Mile Zero Regional Multiplex

(780) 332-4005Reception(Outside Number)
(780) 332-1169EDO Office(Outside Number)
36500Paging SystemAll Paging Zones
36501Paging SystemMultiplex

Mile Zero Regional Multiplex - Room Phones

36102Arena Manager
36302Community Services
36303EDO Office
36301FCSS Office
36103Fieldhouse Office
36101Ice Plant
36300MZRM Reception

Shared Space and Library

(780) 332-4553Grimshaw Municipal Library(Outside Number)
35400Grimshaw Municipal Library(Internal)
35500Paging SystemAll Paging Zones
35501Paging SystemLibrary and Shared Space

Shared Space and Library - Room Phones

35115Home Ec
35502Library Cordless
35106Library Office
35105Library Work Room


33311Allison FergusonTeacher (Voicemail Only)
33324Allison MacIverTeacher/I-Coach (Voicemail Only)
31309Angie BakEducational Assistant (Voicemail Only)
31323Ashlea HoroskoTeacher (Voicemail Only)
33336Bev DachukIndigenous Support Worker (Voicemail Only)
33315Brendan FedoskiTeacher (Voicemail Only)
33320Britain OlischefskiTeacher (Voicemail Only)
31319Carolyn GerkEducational Assistant (Voicemail Only)
33312Cassandra ZennerTeacher (Voicemail Only)
33325Cathy MestonTeacher (Voicemail Only)
33332Charmaine CulbertEducational Assistant (Voicemail Only)
33327Christopher QuattrociocchiTeacher (Voicemail Only)
33310Cindy BjorklundTeacher/I-Coach (Voicemail Only)
33335Colleen StewartEducational Assistant (Voicemail Only)
31339Cora-Lee PichetteEducational Assistant (Voicemail Only)
31333Devona StoneEducational Assistant (Voicemail Only)
31337Donna BalfourEducational Assistant (Voicemail Only)
31310Ethel BrightwellEducational Assistant (Voicemail Only)
33318Fay AllanTeacher (Voicemail Only)
33323Gordon KonowalykTeacher (Voicemail Only)
33330Hayley WhiteTeacher (Voicemail Only)
31326Janeen JohnsonTeacher (Voicemail Only)
33328Jessica ShawTeacher (Voicemail Only)
31327Jodi FreemanTeacher (Voicemail Only)
33329Jody St. AndreTeacher (Voicemail Only)
33326Jon MylesTeacher (Voicemail Only)
31312Kathryn CouchEducational Assistant (Voicemail Only)
33334Kim HarrisEducational Assistant (Voicemail Only)
33322Leslie HarrisonTeacher (Voicemail Only)
31338Lora CasselmanTeacher (Voicemail Only)
31314Marie DaviesEducational Assistant (Voicemail Only)
31304Marilyn MaggsEducational Assistant (Voicemail Only)
31308Melissa PartridgeEducational Assistant (Voicemail Only)
31315Michael DykeTeacher (Voicemail Only)
31311Patricia ConnellyEducational Assistant (Voicemail Only)
31330Rebecca RienerTeacher (Voicemail Only)
33313Rick AucoinTeacher (Voicemail Only)
33331Roxanne BorgerEducational Assistant (Voicemail Only)
31307Sally ArnoldTeacher (Voicemail Only)
31332Sandra TurnerTeacher (Voicemail Only)
31336Shauna RobertsonEducational Assistant (Voicemail Only)
33333Sherry FordyceEducational Assistant (Voicemail Only)
31334Stacey WollumTeacher (Voicemail Only)
33319Sydni McCueTeacher (Voicemail Only)
33314Tanna BaileyTeacher/I-Coach (Voicemail Only)
33321Taylor HanleyTeacher (Voicemail Only)
33317Tina BerneticTeacher (Voicemail Only)
33316Tina RobinsonSB Technician (Voicemail Only)

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