Site List


Central Office

(780) 624-3650Main Menu(Outside Number)
(780) 624-3601Reception(Outside Number)
10140Chris WarneExecutive Assistant
10106Judy PepplerFinancial Accountant
10100Kaitie HockleyHR Admin Assistant / Payroll
10115Karen PenneyDeputy Superintendent
10103Lorraine RamsayExecutive Assistant
10126Pauline BullHuman Resources Coordinator
10110Rhonda FreemanSecretary Treasurer
10147Tammy ChaffeyFinance Clerk
10146Theresa WiebeAdmin Assistant
10135Vanessa BurnsCommunications Coordinator
10102Paul BennettSuperintendent (Voicemail Only)
(780) 624-5941Fax / VoIP Fallback(Outside Number)
10556Greetings AdministrationUsed to change phone menu messages
10501Paging System
10557Voicemail Sign-inUsed to check alternate voice mailboxes

Instructional Materials Centre

(780) 624-3531IMC Menu(Outside Number)
10620IMC Menu(Internal)
10120Sharon DarrahIMC Supervisor
10105Tracy LauritsenResource Technician


10136Amy WaldDivision Payroll Coordinator
10108Colleen RuckaPayroll Clerk
10104Sharon GardnerTeacher Payroll Coordinator

Student Services

(780) 624-3603Student Services Menu(Outside Number)
10630Student Services Menu(Internal)
10131Aleeta PlocSupervisor of Learning Supports
10132Amanda BliskaInclusive Education Intervention Coach
10149Angeline DebogorskiPUF Special Ed Teacher Consultant
10134Audrey SenftInclusive Education Intervention Coach
10127Cynthia ScratchPPC/YESWC
10125Jeff ThompsonSupervisor of Teaching and Learning
10138Maurice MayerTeacher Mentor/Coach
10130Sharla EspetveidtSecretary
10129Tammy CarlyleAdmin Assistant
10141Sue KlusProject PEACE Coordinator (Voicemail Only)

Technology Services

(780) 624-3515Tech Services Menu(Outside Number)
10116Brenda EastmanSIS Coordinator
10142Christopher FriesenSystems Analyst
10124Kushal PanchalComputer Technician
10123Kyle CambridgeComputer Technician
10118Mani ThirumalaiComputer Technician
10117Roger LaliberteSystems Analyst
10121Shayne PiersonTechnology Manager

Room Phones

10137Board Room
10119Coffee Room
10150Conference Table
10144Learning Services
10148Meeting Room

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